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  • The October Issue

    The JCM Team is proud to publish the October Issue of the Joomla Community Magazine.

  • Forum for the Future: where are we now?

    You may have heard of it, read about it, or maybe even been there: in the beginning of 2020, Joomla’s Forum for the Future took place in Marbella, Spain. You might be wondering what happened there, what happened after, and where we are now.

  • Join the Joomla Override Challenge!

    A different view for a core Joomla module. An event calendar based on the category blog view. A photo gallery, also based on a category blog. A directory. A product listing. These are just a few examples of the great things you can achieve by overriding Joomla’s core.

  • Google and Joomla bringing Lazy-Loading to the web

    Hi 👋! My name is Ben Morss. I’m a Developer Advocate at Google, where my job is to help make it easier to make websites that are excellent for everyone. I also used to be a "serious" musician, so you can still find me recording songs in the attic that's now my workspace. And laboring on my opera that's sort of about Steve Jobs.

  • Pizza, Bugs & Fun 2020

    What would 2020 be without another event that’s run differently? We couldn’t supply pizza to JUGs this year, so participants around the world made their own for PBF20!

  • An image is worth a thousand words

    How many times have we heard this phrase but is it really true? Most content creators will spend a long time selecting the perfect photo to illustrate their article. The key word is illustrate. The image should be used to enhance the content. Perhaps to set the mood of the article or to illustrate an example in the text such as a product shot.

  • Leadership Interview: Marianela Queme, Marketing and Communications DC

    Marianela Quemé has been Assistant Department Coordinator for Marketing and Communications since early 2020. When the position of Department Coordinator became vacant, she decided to go for it and got elected. Marianela is a systems engineer who enjoys learning new technologies.

  • Privacy by design and GDPR

    The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a complex and heavily enforced privacy law that protects the personal data of European Union data subjects. While many focus their GDPR compliance efforts on updating Privacy Policies, responding to data subject requests and standard contractual clauses, there is one element that is often overlooked - privacy by design.

  • Where to find the best Joomla tutorial videos

    We all have them: those moments when you wish someone showed you how. How to install or use an extension, how to configure something within Joomla core, how to use the SEO settings, how to make a multilingual website, how to maintain your website and keep it safe, how to create overrides... The ultimate how-to is, of course, a video, so here’s a listing of the best Joomla tutorial videos.

  • A first approach to accessibility testing

    Accessibility is a key aspect of our sites and from the JAT we put our efforts into making Joomla more accessible. But Joomla is just one of the pieces in the final puzzle of your website. The final result depends on your template and other extensions you use.